Christmas Cookies

I loved our Christmas cookies last year. I was a little weary about it not being as much fun to decorate them this year, or them not being as cute. But then! I broke out the sprinkles and cocoa nibs, marshmallows and even bigger sprinkles, I also accidentally dyed the red icing into a hot pinky-red- then I knew it was about to be awesome! We just let ourselves go, Joshua had mustaches made of cocoa nibs and argyle I had bikinis and optical illusion snowflakes.YES!

This year I made a new cookie cutter- the snowflake! I must say I'm super proud of this one, I actually sat down and worked on one thing for over an hour! And I love the way it turned out, it baked well and the edges were wide enough they didn't burn, plus it opened up really fun decorating ideas :)

This year I wanted to add adultness to the flavor of the cookies a little, because I can't help tampering with things, so I added orange zest to the dough, and bourboun vanilla bean and almond extract to the icing.
Wow the orange zest in the cookies made our oven smell so good I could lick it!

Don't worry it's not just sugar cookies- we also have buckeyes, kiss cookies, thin mints
and we're gearing up for some homeade caramels yummm
and then I'm going to send them all to hubs work so I don't accidentally have cookies for breakfast everyday

Things got a little weird toward the end with American flag trees incorporating the color orange and trees with faces. That's why I love this man he isn't afraid to be absolutely goofy.


  1. Your cookies are so beautiful Mackenzie! I'm jealous of your patience with icing. Maybe I will try to hand-frost a few myself now :)

  2. Your icing is magnificant! Mine would look like a 5 year old iced the cookies! Also, orange zest and bourbon vanilla bean sound heavenly!