Last Hurrah with Visitors

Lauren and Ang wrapped up their Seattle vacation last weekend.
Luckily it ended with lots of sunshine and finally a tiny view of Mt. Rainier.  
We took them over to Kerry Park which we'd heard had a nice view, and it did!
 The rest of the week they were nice enough to pop by my office for lunch a few times, had an after work dinner with them and then I got to make them dinner one night- which included homemade red velvet s'mores the size of your face.
photo by Ang


 Joshua got me a dehydrator for my birthday and they picked up all kinds of great fruit to try out in it - pineapple and kiwi are my current favorites! Also we had way to much fun dehydrating! It made the whole apartment smell like a citrus punch in the face.

photo by Ang

 We capped off the visit with a stop by the Fremont Troll. Laurent desperately wanted to hang from his nose, she was half successful :) Then we stopped at a taco truck and washed it down with Dick's burgers & shakes. Their visit was lovely and I've very grateful to have been given time to spend in person with one of my most favorite people ever!

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