This past weekend was very random. It started out with no plans and ended with us having met a few new friends and I think seeing almost all the people we know in Seattle
(well like half)
Wednesday I hung out with the lovely Jessica and we met up
with a Cincy friend in town and ended up sharing a free milkshake,
Thursday we played some nerdy games and ate dehydrated fruit and homebrewed beer with friends, Friday we started out with dinner and a fierce game of Battleship followed by late night Chinese eaten at a sketchy bar in which we met up with some new friends and partied like we were 21 until 3am. Saturday we obviously slept until 11, had face size BLT's for brunch and then went to a bike criterion to meet up with some friends and watch cyclists bike in a circle for over an hour.

Sunday some lovely friends came over to grab sandwiches and beer then make art projects, and then we grabbed random dinner and beers with some other people that night that we've been meaning to catch up with. and hung up a few bikes in our place.
they are sharing a moment with a piece of beer battered bacon!

The best part of that all is - we never left our new neighborhood, we got to walk to all of it!!! It was a random weekend full of friends and events that make us feel like we're in the right place. We feel a sense of ownership to the neighborhood we're in now. We feel so blessed that this is where we ended up and love that our apartment is on the main stretch where we can easily bring people to have a free beer after hanging out or to eat some random dessert we have sitting around. This weekend we really feel like we were shown that this is where we're meant to be and not to waste it. So hurray to more random weekends and learning to share our surroundings with others!

for some reason he couldn't hang the bikes without his hat,
also he didn't know I was taking a photo,
pulled off this awkwardness all on his own!

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