The Great Salt Lake

After Arches & Canyonlands last up on our trip we stopped by the Antelope State Park which is an island pushing into The Great Salt Lake. We crossed a land bridge onto the island and for awhile it smelled like sufur and the edges of the water had large salt build ups. It all created really beautiful watercolor coloring which was neat. Besides all the mosquitos the island was lovely. There are 500-700 bison on the island and a type of antelope (the fastest mammal in North America) that cover the island. We saw a bunch of bison scratching on rocks and eating grass and got to spot on fast antelope.

At one point a herd of bison crossed in front of the road and it was cool to be able to pick out baby ones and teenager sized ones. They all ran down the hill to a new grazing space. They're quite cool animals.


Then we headed into Salt Lake City to walk around a bit, grab some indian food, and headed into a pub to watch the USA World Cup game. We had a really great little vacation and for once didn't wear ourselves out (maybe we're learning how to be adults)

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  1. That's awesome! I never even heard of that park, and that's SO cool that it's in the middle of the lake!