Arches National Park

After arriving in Utah we drove to a really nice park along the highway that wove around a mile up into the hills called Price Canyon Recreation Area for a cheap first-come-first serve campsite. This was the only campsite we could have a fire. The site was beautiful and quiet and the stars that night were unbelievable, even a little chill in the air that night (not for long)
We started out our anniversary trip this year in Arches National Park. We knew it would be busy so but wanted to see it so we got it out of the way early. Utah was HOT upper 90's whew. We hiked to the Delicate Arch which had fun views as you wove around rock formations until you got to the arch itself which was quite a stunner. This one felt unique because it stood alone and all stately-like.

We also checked out the Double arch and the Windows Arches which were pretty massive and provided primitive trials you could take which brought you away from the masses which was really nice. Just getting to soak in the arches was fun, picking out different rock types and trying to figure out how the middles came out of them.
Double Arch

windows arches
windows arches


formation names left to right : the three gossips, sheep rock, tower of babel, the organ

Overall the park was beautiful and everything was really accessible. Except a large portion of the hikes in an area were closed for parking lot renovations (terrible excuse!!!) At the end of the day we settled into a comfy campground, grabbed a beer at the Moab Brewery and found some imitation dippin' dots to cool us off. Next we're headed to Canyonlands Needles District to be totally surrounded by all the Utah landscape...

 (1st anniversary trip

2nd anniversary trip )

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  1. That would be an AMAZING place to go stargazing. I'm so jealous! It looks so beautiful!

    Also, I can't believe you've been married that long.

    Also, I think your anniversary trips are such a great idea!