We are now Backpackers

Last weekend after we dropped our friends off at the airport we kept on driving and headed out the mountains to embark upon ... our 1st backpacking trip. No more will we be called "only day hikers" or hear "o you just went car camping" We are now the real deal. Joshua found a great 3.5 mile in hike called Teanaway Ridge.
We hiked through tons of beautiful blooming yellow flowers, the sun setting over the mountain pass and set up our little tent right on the edge of the mountain. We were able to make a campfire, eat some dinner and the sky even let all the stars shine that night. It was really beautiful! The next morning we unzipped our tent and laid looking out at the sunrise and headed over to check out Mt. Stuart and the edge of the Enchantments that were covered in the morning light. We boiled up some oatmeal with our home dehydrated apples, packed up, and hiked back out.
Now the sad part is the reason I'm describing in instead showing is because my camera stopped saving photos to its disk and Joshua's phone died, so the beauty of it will die with us (I'm being dramatic) But I do have a few of Joshua's phone photos of us with our sweet gear from the first mile :)

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