Bowling Champs

Last week our small group all went bowling. Joshua and I walked into the bowling alley and were immediately excited! Looks like a good ol mid-west bowling alley, minus the lingering smell of decade old cigarette smoke smooshed into the carpet. A league was going on so we had 12 people sharing 1 lane and played partner style. It was one of those beautiful chaos moments.
Joshua hasn't bowled in about a decade and he
totally rocked at it somehow, ha look at his cute bowling form

We were all mostly not the greatest, but had our moments. We pretty much cheered for everyone while the leagues next to us were killing it with strikes and totally silent :) We're supportive what can I say. It was a really fun evening! And our friend James, whom we haven't seen for 8 months showed up for his visit with us this weekend which made it even better!

Our cute pregnant friend Molly found a bowling ball
her tummy's size :)

I got a strike, I was very excited!

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