Montserrat Hiking, outside Barcelona

While in Barcelona we took a day trip up to Montserrat. A train ride and then a little yellow cable car going up a tiny cable later and we were on a little mountain. The neat part though is that it houses a monastery atop it. There were a lot of school groups flitting around so we only hung out at the basilica briefly and then headed off toward a hike.

Oh this part was so nice! We'd been in big cities for almost 2 weeks now and as soon as we hit the dirt path we felt at home. My introvert, Joshua, was in such a fabulous mood :) The craggly rock formations jutting up in all direction and unique plants sticking out added up to a great hike, we think it was around 4 miles and we got up to 4,055 ft altitude.
We snacked on gummi bears and corn nuts we got out of a vending machine and basked in the calm sunshine all afternoon. It was the perfect break from the city. Lucky for us most people took rack trains up to get views so we were mostly on the trial by ourselves the whole time able to chat and goof off. Then that night we headed back into the city for some bikinis and sangria :)


And that's it, that's our whole trip! We had such an amazing adventure and feel beyond blessed and grateful that we were able to find time to go do this. Mostly we were excited to spend 16 uninterrupted days together with no work or phone calls or other people, just time to spend with each other. The different countries and cities obviously were pretty amazing too :)

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  1. Wow. Those rocks look so funny because they are all round. I can't believe you guys were there for 16 days! Glad you had some alone time though!