Sneaking in a Friend Hike

We hiked Lake Twenty Two while our friend James was in town. They day turned out to be quite beautiful, despite the threats of rain. We really like this hike because the scenery on the way up is so pretty, the intense greens, overlooks and such. Since it had snowed recently we also got showered on whenever we walked through the trees as they dripped snow onto our shoulders.

The lake was more beautiful blanketed in snow we thought than when we've previously hiked it. The overcast day let us see it all clearly and the contrast of the snow coating the almost black looking trees made this a great destination. Even got a little sunshine as we ate gummi bears and sandwiches.


I built a snowman, his name was Max.
On the way back we grabbed tacos and firewood for that night.

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  1. The scenery is gorgeous! I'm jealous you live in such a beautiful place!