Snowy Easter Hike

This Easter morning we woke up and did a short 3 mile hike, Mt. Catherine. It was short but a 1330 ft elevation gain over a mile and half and covered in snow the whole trail. We lucked out and it was a beautiful sunny and relatively mild tempered day. The trees were draped lazily in snow and provided peaks of mountains through small openings as we climbed.

The last scramble to the top was fun, we got to pull out our ice axes! We made footholds and drove the handles into the snow as leverage to pull ourselves up the slope. As soon as we popped over the top we were engulfed by mountains.

I was so surprised by how great the view was. We could see mountains in every directions. The little hike was so perfect, minus the very potholey road to the trail, great Easter morning. That evening we closed out the day with homemade chicken & dumplings and chocolate tarts.
I'm always bummed not to spend Easter with my family but getting out and hanging out with the mountains always lightens my spirit.


  1. I got new boots for Russia, so when I move back I'll have to visit you and go hiking in the snow so I can keep putting them to use :)