Dino Baby Shower!

Our friends Molly & Ryan are having a baby boy! Their the first people this close to us proximity wise and friend wise combined to have a baby. It has been really fun to watch them grow into their new parent role. They are both beautiful people and I just can't wait to smoosh this kid's cheeks!

To celebrate they had a mixed baby shower - dino themed! It was complete with a mojito and taco bar, chugging beer from bottles and cute dinosaurs abound. I got to make the cake which was a carrot cake decked out in chocolate rocks, mommy & daddy dinosaurs and a baby egg.

We had more fun than I'm pretty sure you normally get to have at a baby shower. One of the highlights was strapping on our "bellies," balloons to play twister pregnant. We all had quite a hard time of it and also seriously fun!

Can't wait to meet him soon!


  1. What are those rock candies on the cake?

    1. Chocolate rocks!!! So yummy