Into Norway

Flew out of Portugal and landed in Oslo, grabbed our car/home for the next 10 days and hit the road. I think Norway is supposed to be like Seattle, pretty cloudy and rainy. That day was all sun that welcomed us. We were headed to a campsite I'd found but decided to mix it up because we're crazy. Instead we drove to the bottom of an Oksgen hike and decided to start backpacking it at around 6pm. For some reason I misheard Joshua when he asked if I was up for it. I thought he said it was 3 miles up and I was like 'of course that's nothing'. A few hours into hiking straight uphill through a badly marked hike in a very hot dense forest made entirely of uneven rock hidden by slippery moss I was informed it was a 5 mile to the top hike. 

sky at around 11:30pm

We persevered though and found a beautiful spot to set up our tent where the top opened up and there was no one around. Immediately grabbed a rock to eat on and watch the sun dip behind our mountain, which didn't happen until about 11pm. Glad we did it, our camping spot was beautiful, but man were we tired. We woke up a few times in the night to see that it actually never got dark up there, you could always see the landscape no matter the time of night, which was cool.

Next morning we finished the hike, sans backpacks, to get to the fjord view. On our was we started to encounter tons of sheep with little bells on their necks. They did not seem to happy we embarked upon their solitude. 

lots of sheep dotting the mountain

Then we began the difficult hike out, darn Norway and their entire mountains surfaces being made of rocks covered in greenery. Got to the car and gave ourselves a nice old baby wipes bath. 

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  1. I seriously wish I was as brave as the two of you to just go hiking in a country I wasn't familiar with! That's awesome! I hope to make it to Norway some day. I've heard great things!