Capitol Hill & Biscuits with Jam

Friday night the hubs and I hit Capitol Hill for dinner and some drinks. We were attempting to find someplace new to eat but Barrio was just too good last time we couldn't resist! Taco's with only the best most scrumptious ingredients ever & mushroom enchiladas with sauce I'd lick up! Plus a few awesome mixed whiskey drinks = fantastic date night!

Saturday we slept in made biscuits in the morning from scratch and slathered on some black cherry jam- with real cherries in it! To die for! Hubs wasn't happy with our breakfast selections, we badly needed to go to the grocery! So he found a recipe for biscuits...

Homeade biscuits:

2 cups flour
1 tbs. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tbs. sugar
1/3 cup cold butter
1 cup milk

preheat oven to 450

1   mix together first 3 ingredients
2   then cut in OR grate in the butter which is much faster
3   gradually stir in milk
4   turn dough onto a floured surface and knead 15ish times
5   roll out to 3/4" thick
6   then using a biscuit cutter or a glass dipped in water cut out the biscuits and place on a cookie sheet
7   bake for 13-16 minutes, tops should be slightly golden brown
8   slather on your favorite jam!

makes about 8 biscuits

 On Sunday we went to church and some of our friends invited us to lunch. And we finally found it! A good Pho and Banh Mi sandwich (Vietnamese food) There are around 12 pho places within walking distance and hubs and I have been trying to find out which one is the best- It's this one!!
Plus it was so great to sit around with Lich and Suzie and her family. They are the kind of family you love to meet and leave feeling blessed to have had time with them. They were so interested in getting to know us, asking us about our faith, giving real responses. It was an extremely well spent Sunday afternoon! Plus they have a really cute puppy we got to play with!

Then we went on a run around Greenlake while the sun was setting and settled in to drink beer and watch Ocean's Eleven. Overall not an eventful weekend but a very blessed and full weekend.

Plus hubs and I actually worked together in the kitchen the other night, he always tries to help but gets kicked out (bless his heart)  He usually gets kicked out for being distracting but this time we were being equally goofy so it was run. We put on records, chopped veggies and got our lunches packed.

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