3 Day weekend!

Josh and I did a lot of relaxing and hanging out at Greenlake. But we also went to Bumbershoot which is a 3 day music festival. We only bought tickets for Saturday but it was so fun! We found some really great local bands too. I'll make a post about that next and link the bands to it some of them you guys should really check out!

See below for all the relaxing :) This is the lake we always go running around. We sometimes bike there to read, walk around, or sit on the little docks that stick out into the water and people watch. It has 2 little beaches, lots of grass, ducks, an area where all the cute dogs run into the water, and canoeing. We are so blessed to live so close to someplace that we can walk to and immediately feel out of the city!
We brought our books I'm reading the Lord of the Rings books and he's reading Atlas Shrugged.

And of course we ate pizza & gelato!!

I wore a dress
He wore a vest

And we made a great night out of it!

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