2012 list

The list I made of things I wanted us to get done in January is... not quite finished
BUT we're o so close!!

our growing record collection

Y -      Go to hot yoga 3 times
1/2 Y- Josh get new glasses (he got his new prescription just hasn't picked out frames)
Y-       Got my computer fixed
1/2 Y - Apply for my passport (I filled out the online paperwork but still have to go in)
Y -       Got our own phone plan yay!- last night :)
N -       He still hasn't gotten his WA license
Y -       Made chicken and dumplings
Y -       started Elrod's 1st year blurb book (like my wedding book)
Y -       read Hunger Games series (each book took 1 day- Josh laughed at me for that) Also read the Help
Y -       skyped with my parents
1/2 Y - make bed frame (but I did make it in sketch up with the wood so it's ready to be made)
N -       find a bar cart, can't find one we like that's not $200
Y! -      danced around to records, bunches
Y -       organized closet
Y -       cook more meat, really proud of this one! I made about 5 new meat dishes
Y -       sent out another round of postcards to friends
Y -       make at least 3 things from new Flour cookbook  1  2&3 and a few more
1/2 Y - made reservations for a Theo Chocolate tour

Overall very excited with our further progress into becoming more adulty
UGH except that taxes are going to kill us! May pay someone to do that- I miss my dad!!! :)

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