The Pink Door

 I took Joshua to the Pink Door for his birthday dinner. It was fantastic. We got to take home cute little plastic monkeys too :)
They hung off of our drinks- it was called Monkey Biz!

The food was super delicious! But the main reason I picked the place besides the food and it being downtown was that a girl performs ever 45ish minutes. We were fortunate enough to see 3 of them. Once she did a really beautiful lyrical number on a piece of fabric hanging from the air. It was amazing the way she'd roll herself up in it and then plummit! It was really cool!
It was like we got a mini circus act performed right in front of us!

It was one of those nights that feels like it stretched out for a long period of time but only in the most relaxing, fun, perfect way. It was really nice to end the weekend with just him, especially after all the people we hung out with on Saturday :)

The waiter and I sung happy birthday to him. Then we devoured a molten chocolate cake with a nutella cookie and ice cream!

There is no sign but it is down one of the alleys in Pike Place Market and the directions said look for a pink door. Come on that is not ver pink! Needless to say we passed it up the first time, but we were on top of it the second time

She also did one on a trapeze bar where she hung at one point just by her toes off the end of it!
And the final one was on a hoop which was really cool to watch because she was working in a circle.

(sorry - I know the photos are blurry But I liked them better that way)


  1. I looked forever for the Pink Door when i was there! I had heard so much about it but never had anyone to go with. I'm glad you guys got to go :)

    1. Probably because the door wasn't really pink :)
      When you're ever out here next we'll go!!!

  2. Those monkeys are just about the cutest drink ornament I have ever seen. The Pink Door looks like a super fun place to eat!