Birthday Bash

I threw Joshua a 24th birthday party at our apartment - about 25 people showed up! & it was a fondue party!

It turned out to be an amazing night. Hubs says best birthday ever!
Thank you so much to the wonderful friends that came over to celebrate with us. We feel so so loved and supported by all of you.

We ate tons of things dipped in chocolates, cheese and  crackers, vanilla latte cake (Joshua is obsessed with vanilla lattes so I made it into a cake) and listened to records. Some of our neighbors came and one brought over some of his older records that we played too.
I can't express how thankful we were and how blessed everyone made Joshua feel.

& now for an insane number of pictures of his birthday party :)

everyone loves a cheese, sausage, olive, fig, cracker tray!

vanilla latte cake plus some extra minis

I made the banner across the room with string and paint samples
I cut the paint samples to different widths and then glued them back to back
It was fun to have in the space- it said "I'm a party"  :)
Joshua wanted to lower it and play limbo

the bar :)

Birthday Boy!

I made drink mixes
1 The Blusher - with grapfruit juice and a simple syrup I cooked up with basil
 (1/2 cup sugar and 1 cup water with some chopped basil in a saucepan, bring to boil and stir to make sure all sugar is melted, let cool, strain out the basil, pour in with 4 cups of grapefruit juice)

2 The Teaser - pomegranate juice with a simple syrup cooked with citrus with extra pom seeds
(1/2 cup sugar and 1 cup water with some freshly zested citrus fruit peels, bring to boil and stir to make sure all sugar is melted, let cool, strain out zest, pour in with 4 cups of pomegranate juice, also if you want to make a larger quantity add a little apple juice to the mixture)

3 The Manhattan - and I made a manhattan with vermouth, whiskey,
and orange bitters with bourbon soaked cherries
(2 parts whiskey, to 1 part vermouth, and 3 drops of orange bitters per serving)
For the cherries buy dried dark cherries and soak them in a jar with the whiskey or bourbon of your choice and then let them sit, the longer the better)

They were so tasty and then except for the manhattan people added whatever and however much they wanted to the flavored juices such as sweet wine, champagne, rum, whiskey, vodka
And wow were they tasty! Very much recommend this for anyone throwing a party!!!

Also I made 3 different fondues
1 The Sweetheart - white chocolate with fresh squeezed strawberries juice

2 The Classic - chocolate with vanilla

3 The Superstar - chocolate, nutella, espresso, vanilla

With tons of goodies to dunk them all in. Plus I rigged a dollar store wire candle holder into a fondue warmer! The engineers doubted me, but it was a success!

everyone was so welcoming and inviting to all the people they didn't know there which really made it amazing!

Joshua was so so happy after his party. THANK YOU!

He didn't want us to sing to him...so we DID :)  He also accidentally picked himself out relight candles so he got lots of wishes :)

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