A good one

We had a really great weekend. We have been feeling a little out of sorts after we got back from visiting in Cincinnati, but this weekend we felt normal again and we had a very full awesome weekend that helped with that.

On Friday we got a new table, one that isn't bar height yay! Friday night we went over to one of Joshua's coworkers place to play Settlers and drink growlers.
It was one of those nights where you just feel like yourself and don't have to filter or restrain we were just goofy and had a great time.

Saturday we had brunch in Capitol Hill, got our hair cut, picked up a new dresser, went to his work and made the frame for the calendar I designed, and went to a housewarming party. One of the housewarming parties that ends with dubstep playing loudly, kegs, and moonwalking.

Sunday we reorganized a lot of stuff and pulled out a bunch of stuff to donate, ate pumpkin pancakes, listened to some good sermons, went on a run in the sunshine- SUNSHINE, and had dinner in Queen Anne with some good friends.

And now we're tired and almost ended up being late to work :)
So worth it though, we really needed a full Seattle weekend to get us back into things and feeling good about where we are and why we want to be here.

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