Afghan Restaurant Mmmm + Sunshine

Hubs took me out on a date night to a restaurant he'd been wanting to try out- Kabul. It was Afghanistan cuisine, and beyond delicious. Kind of like a mix of Indian and Mediterranean. 
The restaurant owner kept coming by and chatting with us and making suggestions. It was a great experience and I can't wait to go back.

 We dressed up cute too.  Joshua wore his bowtie :)

 The rest of Saturday was used up drinking tea and coffee, eating biscuits, hanging out and playing cards in a bar with friends and soaking in the unusual January sunshine antiquing

 ooo and we got the best burgers from a shack. Ah yummy

 Sunday we got to spend time celebrating one of our friends birthday. They showed us how to make spring rolls. It was full of good quality time!


  1. What camera do you use when you take pictures at restaurants? Do you use your dslr? Do you ever feel weird taking pictures at restaurants? I feel so weird about it, but I really want to get over it!

  2. I used my iPhone for all of these food pictures, but usually I use my dslr. Eh I did feel weird, but now I really don't care. I realized no one else was even looking so there wasn't anyone to feel weird but me.