We skied on a Real Mountain

My parents were here visiting this weekend and they had suggested skiing. Joshua and I agreed but were secretly terrified and didn't really want to go, he's only skied once before and I haven't gone much more than that and DEFINATLEY never on a MOUNTAIN. (We went to Crystal Mountain) But we put on our brave faces and went. On our drive out there it was rainy and gray skied but once we were near the mountains the sky turned blue and the sun was shining. This definatley lifted my mood at least if I was tumbling down a mountain all day it would be in the sun.

But our parents were right, we had a great time and it wasn't as scary as we'd thought. Joshua took to it really quickly while I made lots of long slow cuts on my first few runs. But by the end we were zooming down some blue ones. (harder than Cincinnati blue ones) It was so pretty and we got to eat lunch at one of the places on top of the mountain, instead of at the bottom of the runs. There was so much snow that it covered most of it's windows. Near the end it started to heavily! snow so we wrapped up our adventure with some fresh powder to ski on.
And with my dad's beard freezing over, hehe

A blast!
When we left Joshua and I decided we would even like to go again.

Which is good because everyone out here seems to ski, some even go every weekend. crazy folks.

*some photos by my madre


  1. I've never been skiing! I feel like I'm too old to try now. :/

    1. So not true! Josh just learned last year and a lot of people out here have learned as adults. I would love to take the time to teach you if you ever come out. You'd be surprised how quickly you can get it.