Christmas in Cincy

This Christmas at home was really fantastic.We scheduled it out a lot better this year and our goal was quality time with the people we love and not just quantities of people seen. This turned out to be a better plan than last year, and we still managed to see tons of people. We even got some snow which really sealed the deal for me.

First stop after the airport was Skyline

We made indian food, iced cookies, opened presents, played games,
 and relaxed with the whole Agin clan one night.
the pickle tradition

Stayed the night at Nate's house with Katy
eating Larosa's and playing games

Fed the animals at the manger

Finally made it to eat at Senate, Bakersfield, and Neon's
 ( I feel so much more complete now )

Went to get sushi with some friends and laned at the
Meyung's to hang out for a bit in their married pad.

Had a friend's night at Hofbrauhaus hanging
out and drinking good German beer

Had a girls shopping trip and girls night full of games and greek food
while the boys had a guys night at a pub and played games all night.

Met up with Nick and Adrienne and finally got to meet their adorable baby Riah.
(He spit up a few times and when we left Joshua asked if that was normal, haha, yes love it's normal)
Got to go to a baby shower for Jen and James

Had a New Year's pizza party with some old friends
 from Michigan, elementary school, Josh's mommy, and the Agin group

Had a downtown night with Teresa, attempted ice
skating but a long line and cold beat us out.
So we went to Neon's where we ran into some of our friends

And finished out the trip with more indian food and Adriatico's

No food left unturned :)

Some deeper things taken from our trip:

We left feeling ready for our own beds but also really sad to leave behind everyone. Joshua remarked that what he loved most about the visit was that our relationships with people seemed to pick up where they left off. We loved the people the same way we always had and vice-versa. Just a testament to the amazing family and friends we have that even though we haven't seen some of them for a year our relationships mean enough that time doesn't determine their depth. Which is really powerful and something we never want to take for granted.

Coming home is hard because it makes us realize how much we miss it and miss everyone but also that when/if we do come back we can pick up with people where we left off because people have shown us they love us for who we are not where we are. Which is a great gift and something we really are working towards making sure that we give back as well.

Until next time Cincy...

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