2012 review

This past year celebrated our 1 year anniversary
we've had 9 visitors
Went to 3 weddings, 1 in which we gained a family member
Saw the Pacific Ocean 3 times
Went sailing and kayaking 3 times each
Went on around 28 hikes 

Lost a few friends to moving, but gained some great new ones too
Got to go see old friends and have them come see us
We really feel like we got to know Seattle better and
got to fall in love with the mountains that surround us.

We felt so so blessed in 2012 and although 2013 started with
multiple plane delays we are very eager to see what's next.
We really can't say enough how grateful we are for all the people in Cincy and Seattle
that make our lives feel so full.

We have continued to persue working towards the people we
want to learn how to be and who God wants us to be
and hope that we can make even more strides toward that this year.

2 0 1 3 !

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