Monkey Cake

Cake #2 for the weekend:

(cake #1)

I have to say that I'm glad almost everyone I know's child is one now! Making and adult cake & a smash cake is getting to be a bit much. But then again at the same time making them coordinate is so cute! I love how this one has an adult simple cake and then a really cutsey one for the birthday boy.

This one was for a friend who illustrated a children's book so I made her monkey illustration into the smash cake. She let me pick the adult cake flavors so I got to make a really moist chocolate cake with chocolate filling, whipped topping frosting and toasted coconut. I was very sad to leave that with her and not get to grab a slice!

I made the palm trees out of pretzel rods and the leaves out of green gummy strips. I just shoved the pretzel rod through the gummies and since their insides are sticky they held together really well. I held the sign on with chocolate frosting.

I've played soccer with her and so when I found this monkey soccer ball I almost died at how perfect it was :) Later she sent me a picture of him playing with it - which then of course made my day.

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