Apple Picking!!!


 This Saturday we soaked up a bunch of gorgeous October sunshine on the Jones Orchard. My family used to go apple picking and we'd climb trees, shine apples on our jeans, sample way too many apples one bite each, and then go home and make applesauce.

The farm was beautiful that day with lots of light filtering through creating
textures and mountains slowly revealing themselves through the morning fog.

 I'm camouflaged :)

I've been wanting to share this experience with Joshua for awhile. Washington grows a lot of apples but most don't let you pick them (they actually want to use it as a business, pssh) But at a friend's recommendation we headed to this one. They had over 12 varieties of apples, a few Asian pears and pumpkins. We wanted to can apple butter again this year so mostly we loaded up on apples. Since apple picking involves taste testing Joshua was a big fan!

We finished our trip off with apple cider while sitting on the hayride's steps.


Then Sunday we set to work canning our apple butter. Something makes it even cooler when you know you picked the apples too! Mmmm apple butter makes fall so delicious.

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