Too much

Life has just felt like too much for the past 2 weeks. We've both been swamped at work and accidentally said yes to going to everything. We've expected too much from ourselves lately and it was so exhausting.

Friday we went out with friends, it was pretty chill and easy but still after a 60 hour week it takes a toll. So Saturday we did nothing.
And by 11:30 pm I had been outside once to walk to the grocery store and  hubs had been out twice- grocery store and movie store. We had pancakes, then pizza, then grilled cheeses. At 11:30 pm I made brownies and we signed up for that free week of Hulu plus and watched New Girl.
The best part was we didn't feel bad about it one bit :)

We finished the weekend off well though on Sunday by going out to brunch and beers with friends from Cincinnati that were visiting the NW and then to play games at a bar with some friends. Where we got nachos and a burger :)

Starting off Monday right though by hitting up barre class and running!

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