Bandera Mountain

I was knee deep in cake, I'd woken up at 6am to finish one of them, we had been out late the night before and for some reason I told hubs I'd like to hike Saturday. He was trying to find some hikes and I told him to just pick one under 7 miles and that my mind had no capacity left to help him pick one so I'd just go along with whatever he choose. Bad decision. My zealous ambitious husband picked a 7.6 mile hike with a 3,000 ft elevation gain. At one point in a mile you gain 1,000 ft scrambling over large boulders covering their sneaky holes in snow. Let's just say my muscles still ache a little today.

But it was beautiful. The day was stunning and clear. We could see Seattle from our peak as well as constant views of Rainer & Mt. Adams and the beginnings of snow capped mountains. The weather and conversation and breezes all combined made it one of my favorite days in a long time. I've been feeling overwhelmed, tired, a little grumpy, and disoriented for the past few weeks and this hike totally refreshed me, good choice hubs.