Homemade Ghosts

My sister sent me a photo of her chandelier covered in the little toilet paper ghosts and asked if I'd put mine up yet. I'd forgotten all about those ghosts. My mom used to hang them from our dining room chandelier. I dislike holiday decorations, mostly, but these little guys I've always loved.

Her sending me that photo made me remember all that so I had to make my own now too!

They're very simple

toilet paper
string or rubberband
paint or permanent marker

I used 9 squares of toilet paper per ghost-
3 sheets balled up make the head

then I took 2 3-sheet lengths and
draped them over the head

gather up the hanging toilet paper
under the head and tie it up

paint little eyes and a ghouly
mouth on him
repeat until you have a bundle
of cute little ghosts

I then went outside and collected leaves
tied them to the string I was going to
use to hang all my ghosts on

looped my ghosts by the neck onto the string
and strung it up over our window

Thanks sis for reminding me to make them!
Happy almost Halloween!

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