Bachelorette Weekend

This past weekend we got to celebrate a friend getting married. There were 5 of us and we headed out to Mt. Index and hung out in the world's cutest cabin owned by an adorable woman named Moon who uses words like 'divine' in everyday speech.

We rode motorcycles (first time for me ever!), jumped in cold water, swung on a children's playset, drew tattoos on Ashley, made so much food I was impressed we consumed it all, took shots of gin (don't ever recommend it), wrote haikus, drank coffee in a garden, spent hours in a hot tub, and much more.

I didn't know the other girls very well but they were lovely and made me feel involved and a part of it all which I truly appreciate! Also we all got covered in glitter from the tutu she wore around all weekend :) My favorite was the tutu on the motorcycle!!!

Sparing all of us a picture of our bathing suits but only group pic on my phone :)
Can't wait to celebrate their wedding this weekend! Send prayers my way she's trusting me to make her wedding cake- I'm more than a little nervous!!!

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