Tomyhoi Peak

The next morning we woke up and Joshua realized we were surrounded by perfectly ripe huckleberries! We all spent the morning popping them into our mouths and oatmeal and we all managed to forage enough to take home a whole pot full. This high up the huckleberries stems were only a few inches tall. You only noticed the ground was covered in the indigo berries when you bent down and looked across. It was honestly the perfect way to spend the morning munching and hollering to everyone when you found a jackpot of berries. The dog, Sugar, also got in on it, she would find a good spot and just bite 'em right off (we were impressed)
After our berry filled morning we headed to the adjacent trial Tomyhoi that winds up past Yellow Aster Butte from yesterday. We climbed up the very tall hill in the photo above, picking more berries (at eye level it was so steep)  as we hiked up. We traversed across some cool rocky ridges and did a little scrambling down and back up. Everytime we looked up or looked back we saw a few more mountain peaks than last time. Their snowcovered caps became more visible the higher we got and it was really a wonderful hike with nothing but more peak surprises everytime we headed upward.
At the top we did a little more hula hooping, threw some rocks, had lunch, played in the snow, and hiked back down. Back at our camp a few of us ran into the water while others dipped in their toes. Then we packed up camp and walked back out.

This is a hike we've been waiting to backpack for 2 years and it didn't disappoint. The pace, the view, the light, the sunset, the stars, the huckleberries- we decided it gets to keep its spot at the top of the Elrod's favorite hikes list!


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