Sis & Husband in Seattle Pt. 2

After conquering the city in a day we hauled the Meyungs all the way up to Mt. Baker's Artist Point to get in some hiking. The day was a little gray and cloudy but they seemed to keep up with our pace and clear up spots to see the mountaintops through quite a few times. We hiked Chain Lakes and wandered through the clouds listening to tons of marmots and pikas (so cute) chirp all along the rocks. We had a good time spotting them and listening in on their conversations.
Then we worked our way back to Seattle and stopped at one of our favorite restaurants and enjoyed some sangria, beer, and a random assortment of food to stuff ourselves with. Then, very sadly, we had to drive them back to the airport. As soon as we dropped them off the rain came back, very thankful that it mostly held off for them!


It was such a blessing to be able to share this landscape
 that we adore with people we adore even more.
So glad they were able to visit and that they were
such awesome hiking buddies :)

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