Lovely beginning to Fall

We had a lovely relaxing! fall weekend.
We started off with a rainy bike ride to catch the Old Crow Medicine Show. This show was so well put together, serious entertainment! They had harmonica battles, epic whistling, fiddle dancing, clogging, the main singer was so on it and his pants had rhinestones :) We capped off the night pulling our friend Liz out of bed to grab a drink with us.

Saturday we took naps! Grabbed sandwiches and chilled at a brewery. Rock climbed a bit that night and met up with a friend for a quick drink.

Sunday I headed to the market to hang out with my friends parents who are visiting, we did some chores, rode our bikes to Fremont for some reubens, read on our "porch" (sidewalk), and played some Settlers of Catan.

I really really love the first rainy weekend, granted it still had plenty of sun, but I love the guilt-free weekend where you can watch movies, drink multiple cups of coffee and walk around in overalls and a scarf!

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