Clay Pigeons


 This past weekend we went out shooting clay pigeons with a friend in the sunshine. Here you can drive into a National Forest and shoot at the sides of mountains, and that's just what we did. Our friend Erin had scouted out places and been here before so we walked our equipment out and set up shop for the day.

Shockingly the day was beautiful and warm and we even got to shed layers throughout the day. Happily on my second shot of a shotgun ever! I hit the clay pigeon (I'm very proud) Sadly that was the only one I hit all day because on my third shot I pinched the nerve in my neck (sadly I do this a few times a year) and was out of the game.

The guys did awesome though, Erin's gun made the clays break into hundreds of pieces and the shatter always felt so satisfactory. Joshua was a pretty good clay pigeon slinger and it was fun watching them try to throw them different ways.

Later on the guys set up clay targets out in the brush grabbed pistols to play what I think of as the Dave & Busters game (you know the old time saloon were targets pop up and you shoot at them) I tried my hand at this, but sadly it hurt my neck quite a bit and I had to concede again. But I seriously felt like I was watching a fun video game with the guys moving around and aiming everywhere- Safely! We were very safe I promise!
Not being able to shot my largest contribution was then snacktime! I brought freshly made homemade apple butter, homemade wheat rolls, dehydrated apples, and addicting chili lime corn nuts. Joshua teased me about my girly spread but once Erin saw it he was pretty excited! All in all snacktime was a huge win :) The whole day was really pleasant and probably one of the last days for awhile that we'll be able to hang out outside all day and still feel our fingers afterwards. I'm glad we got to capitalize on it, even if my neck is still paying for it.

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  1. I'm so proud of you for being able to shoot it! I went to a shooting range once and I sucked!