Sneaking in a Fall Hike

Saturday looked like it would be a decent day so we really wanted to get out and see some pretty leaves and mountaintops. We snow hiked most of the Lake Serene trail a few years ago but never made it all the way to the lake so we went out to finish it this weekend.
It ended up being a very foggy hike but as we got near the lake the light started to break through and it was beautiful and eerie. The fog was licking the mountaintops and sometimes was brushed away enough to have them peek out for a few seconds. The trail was full of our favorite mossy trees and pops of yellow leaves catching the light. When we got to the lake it was sunny and warm and we ate our lunch near the lake. But then the clouds rolled through again and the lake was immersed in fog. It was fun to sit on a giant rock and watch the clouds tease us with opening up and revealing the lake back to us. Mt. Index floated in and out of view behind as well.

It was a beautiful afternoon and we were happy to sneak in some time with the sunshine and waterfalls. Then we went home and watched movies on the couch all evening and warmed up frozen pizza. We also ate a large portion of a coffee & donuts ice cream I accidentally bought, oops.


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