Cracking Walnuts

Rounding off the weekend on Sunday we putzed around at home, made apple butter and dehydrated some more apples, make a big pot of soup, drank lots of coffee. Also I made a cute bear shaped breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon, mmm.

Then that night some friends came over and we sat around the table making brownies with ice cream for dinner, starting with coffee and transitioning to wine. It was one of those evenings that feels cozy and fits perfectly into everything you wanted in an evening. We lit candles, I cuddled with their dog, we talked around the table for hours & we cracked walnuts!

I've never cracked walnuts. We were in the store earlier that day and I pointed them out and Joshua launched into stories about cracking them with his grandpa in his tool filled garage. I loved it and then started imagining all the stories we could have of people around our table cracking walnuts and talking, so we bought them.

The Aaron's, unknowingly, fulfilled my wish! We cracked open copious amounts of walnuts, dipped them in honey, tried to find walnut shell crafts & it made my heart happy and fuzzy. I love that something as small as walnuts can open Joshua up to more stories he may not have recalled unless we found them and how I get to then listen and understand him a little more. Moments like that feel like fall to me. So far we're really enjoying this season of life. It's full of people but quality time with people. I'm treasuring it.

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