A litte bit of Cincy in Seattle

This past weekend we had a bunch of Joshua's beer loving co-workers over for a Cincinnati party. We have a lot of Cincinnati pride and honestly love showing it off a little. Recently there have been some really great breweries popping back up there and so when we were home last time we stuffed a bunch into our checked bag. Then I made signs because it makes me happy and a bunch of Cincinnati food and had a little shindig.
We had skyline dip (duh), goetta, ribs with Montgomery inn bbq sauce, and buckeyes to go with our Cincy brews. It was fun because, all except for one fellow Ohioan friend, no one knew what any of the food was. In Seattle I feel like everyone has such a wide knowledge of squash types and fancy chocolates so it was a blast to watch them scarily dip their chip into the greasy cheese layer that is skyline dip, and come up with brown mush on the chip :)
Good ol' comfort food and they all actually loved it, goetta was a hit!


Plus it was the first party we'd held in our new apartment. Like 16 people were in there milling about and they all fit. It was a fabulous night and we were so giddy to share some of Cincinnati and their up and coming good beer selection with some great people!

our fellow Ohioan had just had a birthday, so we added candles to the buckeye pile

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  1. That's such a cute idea!!! I'll have to do it for Cleveland if I ever move away ;)