Soul Night & Beer Tasting Night

This weekend was a fun mix! We started out Friday night with a bunch of my co-workers celebrating the last day of someone, sad, and moved over to Soul Night at a small club where we donned sequins and danced to lots of good old music.

The next night we biked over to the Phinney Ridge Beer Fundraiser where 32 breweries had little tables set up with at least 2 beers each. We met up with some of Joshua's co-workers there and had a great night sipping strange beer flavors- squash ale, habanero stout with vanilla ice cream, some funny holiday ones as well as some really great beers from local breweries. You only get 10 tickets, but no one asks for them so really- it's unlimited tasting.

 It takes place in an old school so it's full of character, people carting around trays of homemade cookies, fresh popped popcorn, and handfuls of pretzels. All good things on a chilly rainy night!

Joshua definitely lost

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