Halloween Night

This year I wanted to dress up and luckily Joshua ceded and agreed. We dressed up as Agatha, the baker (coincidence that is also my mixer's name) and Zero, the lobby boy from The Grand Budapest Hotel. It's on of Wes Anderson's films and full of quirky moments and scenes. The girl Agatha has a Mexico shaped birthmark on her cheek and Zero draws on his mustache every morning.

a still from the movie

I've been dying to have a reason to make the Courtesan au Chocolat pastry that Agatha makes in the movie but it's a very goofy Dr. Suessish dessert and would be random to make for most things- except when you dress up as her for Halloween! So I made a bunch of brightly colored little puffs filled with chocolate custard, daintily stacked on top of one another and passed them out at work instead of candy.
The video on how to make them here!

That night Joshua got pretty into his costume and we finished it off with a hat, mustache and one of my blazers with fake buttons, I love free costumes.

We went out for giant face sized sliced of pizza and biked over to Nectar to watch a blue grass show. Our favorite was the very tall man dressed in fuzzy zebra print everything with zebra platforms. We even saw an adult costume parade go down the street ha!

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