Bringing home Dagny

After our wintery hike we drove a few miles to cut down our Christmas tree. This tree farm had the most stunning backdrop! We got to cut down our tree with Mt Si right behind us as the sun was about to start its descent and it set some tree branches alight, the light dusting of snow on the ground really took the cake.
Our little tree came with a little controversy :) We asked if we were allowed to cut down trees that weren't tagged, the woman inside said yes so we cut down a cute little 5ish foot tree and went to pay. The dudes said you can't cut down trees less than 6 feet, we sheepishly smiled and pointed to the lady inside and totally got away with it! We promised to love it and care for it well.

We always name our tree and we're going in alphabetical order so this year we are at "D." Joshua FINALLY (3ish years later) finished the book Atlas Shrugged and one of the main characters names is Dagny so that's her name this year. It felt appropriate. She's was cut, thrown in the back of Richard, left in the bathtub for her snow to melt of and set up in her stand. Sadly busy busy work schedules haven't permitted us to decorate her classy branches yet, but we'll get to that this weekend!

You pay by the foot so we cut off half the trunk, obviously!

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