Gingerbread house Bonanza!

This past Friday we had the whole small group over to our place. Now we thought "hey only like 10-12 people will come right?" We were wrong around 20 people invaded our place and it was an amazing candy smooshed people pizza fest. We all made personal pizzas with a toppings table so deep that broccoli was a selection option.
Our dining room table was also overflowing with candies. It was almost to excited to choose from. I've never had such a large selection to create from, it rocked! I made a bunch of bags of icing and we all set to work with our graham cracker structural knowledge and built some pretty sweet stuff.

ours had a fire pit with sourpatch kids, gingerbread man
making marshmallows and a snowman with a beret


Sadly not all are pictured but they were all great, one was a double decker, a sleigh, ours was a tent campsite, a house complete with hot tub, a-frame houses, elephant shingled house, hobbit doors...
It was loud and merry and sticky!

Our friend Molly made a smiley face pizza, cutest!

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