2014 Life Review

I think I say ever year was a good year, but when I look back on the highlights it's hard to feel like it could be anything else. We had our moments of struggle but we were blessed this year and all they were was moments. Mostly I'm struck by how many things happened this year. We had our 3 year anniversary in Utah, we became backpackers, my brother and sister got to make it out to Seattle for their first time, my mom and another sister made it out for a visit, my pen pal since high school came out for a visit, we got to go home to celebrate 2 awesome weddings, threw a Cincy party in Seattle, both turned 26, took a trip to San Francisco, had campsgiving on the Oregon Coast, added to our checked off list of mountain hikes, and moved to a new apartment
It was full, it was busy, sometimes exhausting but this year I feel like we focused on being present. Not trying to find something better but leaning in on a moment, a gathering, or a conversation. Life felt more savory this year. Sometimes it was fleeting but we tried to notice that and reign it back in. Obviously it's nothing we've perfected but a good lesson to sum up this year for the Elrod's.

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