Rugged Oregon Coast


After our Thanksgiving dinner and trying to sleep while our overhead tarp got beaten to it's demise we drove Richard (the truck) down a big strip of the Oregon Coast. We made little stops along the way and took a long detour at Devil's Churn area that also had Thor's Well and a bunch of other great crevices where waves smashed against them an flew milky wiggly water into the air. It was fun to hop along the rocks and dash out of the way of the waves that were bigger than we'd initially thought. I loved the sound of the water whooping under the rock before it shot up into the air.

We also stopped to check out the scenery at one point and hear a seal barking, we looked over the edge to find a giant family of them hanging out. Some would jump off into the water or waddle around. They actually got quite loud. Then we went to the very touristy sea lion caves and paid to go see the cave they hang out at in the winter, turns out it's not winter yet so only one came into the cave while we were there barking around looking for friends.


It rained hard, I mean Midwest hard rain all day with winds that shook us in the truck. We bought another tarp but we weren't super looking forward to camping, then we realized all the tent sites were just big puddles. So then we were on the search for a yurt. All the state parks in Oregon have them, but it was also a popular weekend for them. Lucky for us a park host said their friends had just cancelled and we could have their- but it was a deluxe, had heat, and a bathroom. WHAT! It was cheap available and dry, we were in! It was so so nice we actually slept that night, read, made pizzas in the fire and played games on our bunkbed all night :) It could have slept 8 people, so we used all that extra space to dry out our tent.

Up next the DUNES!

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