3rd annual Campsgiving

This year for Campsgiving we headed to the Oregon Coast. We'd explored the upper bit of it a few years ago but really wanted to make a road trip out of it and see how far we could get down it this weekend.
We made it to the Dunes which in our opinion was pretty good ways down. But the first night we left Seattle late and stayed at a little hotel in Seaside, OR. Then we left early the next morning and started driving down 101. It was Thanksgiving so all the little shops in the towns were closed, but it was fun to drive through them all and see people milling about by the water and all the small town Christmas decorations already up. We drove pretty far the first day making pit stops to run out to the water or look out over a bluff full of crashing waves.

We ended the night early so we could set up our campsite in the windy rain, but luckily it stopped long enough to let us cook up some turkey, mashed potatoes & chives, green beans & leeks, and some wine Joshua had brought back from Portugal. We also finally got to use the stools we built together, they worked flawlessly if we do say so ourselves :)
Then we spend the rest of the night playing guitar around the fire and a few fierce games of The Rivals for Catan (best 2 player game ever!) and a 2-player Blockus. Then we had a fitful nights sleep through a wind and rain storm that finally got the best of our old overhead tarp. But it was about 50 degrees that weekend along the coast which was a real blessing.

At one point we pulled over to play on a windy beach during a stint of no rain.
It was windy but seriously 50 degrees! Made it all so much nicer!

One of the cute towns we drove through,
and an adorable store front.
(I actually made him turn back around to snap a photo)

Up next the Oregon Coast!
And 2013 Zion  &  2012 Olympic Peninsula Campsgivings

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