Cut Out Cookie Time

This year's cut out Christmas cookies are pretty fab. While I'm adding the green to the wreaths Joshua always gets started trying to find a way to turn a snowman into something else. I've been decorating Christmas cookies with my family since I was little but he's only been at it for about 4 years and he's way more creative than me. I always start out very traditionalist - a snowman with a scarf, a wreath with berries and than I finally start getting into it a wreath is really a monster mouth with elephant sprinkles upside down as teeth. Then all happy with my monster I look over and he's made a minion from an ornament and Nemo from a snowman. I love cookie decorating!

bird from an angel that got a broken wing, Kirby

monster wreath, Finding Nemo
psychedelic snowman, minion, princess leia golden bikini version,
Pebbles from Flinstones, Creeper from Minecraft


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