West Coast Dunes


We spent our first year anniversary exploring Michigan's dunes so it was fun to go check out the Oregon dunes. These dunes are the ones that inspired the Dune Series by Frank Herbert. They are so big, and desolate. Since it had been raining the sand was mostly wet, but the sun came out and so dry sand began whirling past us creating patterns over the dunes and blowing the grass so it made perfect circles around themselves.
It was really the only extended time that day that the rain stopped. We got to take a rain free five mile hike across lots of mounds of sand to the Pacific Ocean, it greeted us with happy blue rolling waves.

It was very cool to be the only ones out there. We could run down hills and draw in the sand, make footprints to nowhere. The dunes landscape was commanding and playful all at once. Then we went and slept in a yurt with heat haha.

that sand spot looked too perfect, I needed to mess with it
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