Winter Wonderland Hike


After the dunes and the night in the yurt we decided that the now below freezing weather didn't sound like much fun to sleep in so we headed back toward Seattle, making a lovely pitstop in Portland to visit and have dinner with our friend Kayla.

But the next morning we decided we weren't quite done yet. We were about to dig into giant  bowls of cereal and instead we threw granola bars into a bag and headed out for a crisp wintery walk. The trail ended up being snowier than we expected so we didn't quite finish (we stopped when we were wading through water ick wet feet) But the snow was so magical that day, you'd turn a corner and the sun would be lighting it up just right and it had enough snow that every branch was covered but not to much so that they sagged sadly. Instead it all the branches just held the snow up to the pretty blue sky and let the wind blow puffs of it down on us as we walked past.

After our hike we headed over to cut down our tree, we're only ever here for half of December it seems but my family always does it and it makes me feel a little bit closer to them.

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