BBQ & Hot Cakes

I wasn't going to take a photo but they said that they were ready to get their
picture taken with their food. haha so supportive

Most of the rest of the time with my parents involved less active activities and more eating :)
We headed to Kabul one night because dad saw it on my blog and said we had to take him. Once again we had a great relaxing fun time there. They are so nice there!
I made them dinner one night (which I'll post soon) and this tart for breakfast one day.
I was so excited to finally get to break out all my fancy dishes and cook them dinner.
While we were waiting for Joshua at one point the 3 of us ganged together and made granola bars to take skiing. It was fun to have them doing it with me. But other than for the granola bars they were kicked out of the kitchen :)
For the rest of the day we went down to the piers, antiqued a little, went to pike place market to pick up some oil for dad, headed down the along the water to get my dad his salmon lunch and we had clam chowder YUM. Then we headed home and played some eukre, parents beat us, I blame Joshua.
And finally we headed over to Ballard to eat at a BBQ place called Bitteroot where they will just bring you out giant trays overflowing with smoked meat. I don't love love meat, but this is an exception I love their food. And of course then we needed dessert so we went to hotcakes and had decadant choclatey mini cakes and a butterbeer (hehe)

chatting in Pike place about UC basketball. They're so cute

Hot Cakes

then my dad proceeded to smear ice cream on my mom's face,
these 2 can't take them anywhere nice

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