A big undertaking

A few months ago a co-worker asked me if I'd donate a cake to the silent auction for her mother of twins club. Of course! My mom was in that at one point! how funny, so I know a lot about it and how it works and I was happy to support it.

Well now the woman who won my cake has called me we've talked, I've drawn up sketches, and now it's time to make it.

I'm so so so nervous!!! It's a 2 tiered cake for 50 people plus a
small cake for the 1 year old to smash (my favorite part)
Last night until 1:30am I baked the cakes, colored chocolate and piped out some chocolate monsters. They're all now safely in the fridge. I feel like that part went well. But I'm afraid the chocolate monsters will melt , I won't be able to figure the balloon out and it'll all fall apart on the drive over there.

a cake bigger than my face

monsters ready for the colored chocolate

But on the other hand I'm so excited to have the opportunity and maybe it will get someone else at the party to want me to make them a cake? So I whipped up some quick business cards to leave with her using my extra chocolate last night. Nothing fancy, but they do the trick.

Wish me luck I still have a lot of frosting to do!


  1. Hi. I think your business cards are so perfect. I love that you just "whipped them up" but they are so clever! Good luck frosting everything, but I know you are going to fantastic. :) All the best from Cincy! -Emily Sapp

    1. Hello! Thank you! That really made me smile. Happy Friday!

  2. these cakes are amazing! love the sketches too~~ congrats on fulfilling one of your dreams

  3. That's awesome! I'm amazed you did that all at your house.