Car Camping Day Hiking Losers

So we have gone camping a few times this summer and people always ask how my weekend was at work
I say: good we went camping and did lots of hiking
they say: o backpacking or car camping
me: car
them: o just car, ok

that's when we first realized maybe we weren't doing something northwesty quite right

then on the hike this Sunday we were saying hi to other hikers coming down the mountain and
they said: hi
we said: hi
they said: how's it going? Just going on a little day hike?
us: yes
us after they left: little day hike, we're doing 10 miles in an afternoon up a mountain, dang it are we hiking wrong too? we hiked yesterday too?

so that's when we realized we also hike wrong. Guess we'll have to get backpacking equipment to stay relevant out here :) It became a fun joke as more people passed us we'd look to each other after they were gone and say- o ya know we're lame just on a little day hike.

Haha, we weren't gloomy about it, promise, mostly just thought it was funny because we had no idea that our version of camping and hiking and still going the same amount of miles would be viewed as lame. Too bad we love it our way and we're cheap!

so Sunday we day hiked Hannegan's Peak

We got a later start so that the clouds would burn off and we could see the 360 view of mountains that's so great about hiking in Mt Baker area. The craggly ones off in the distance are our favorite and the bugs weren't so bad on this hike so we had a really great time and lounged a bit.

Also love that the wildflowers here bloom in August so there was still a healthy dose of them welcoming us up our hike. We hung out at the top for awhile and enjoyed the views and random doses of sunshine as the clouds shifted.

he told me not to put this one up, so I put it up
That night I was making pizza so hubs ran to the video store to rent Mulan (I needed to sing to it so bad!) Sadly it was rented out but instead of coming back without it he found it on sale and bought me a copy (best guy ever!) So we finished off our tiring weekend with Mulan and singing "Be a Man" (he's only seen the movie twice now, both times with me, so we're working on him knowing the words still. I'll get him there, then maybe we'll add dance moves)


  1. Love your blog and pictures of the Seattle area. We hope to move out that way in a few years. Thanks for help keeping us connected to the PNW! I grew up with both sides of your family in NCH. Love your parents, Terri and Carol, and don't get me started about your awesome grandparents!

    Thanks for sharing the PNW!

    1. Aw that's so sweet. Family is the hardest part about being out here. If you do come out here I'd love to connect!

  2. That’s okay! At least you actually tried the hiking part. As much as most people love nature and camping, hiking isn’t really for everyone. But it's great that you still gave it a shot. Just look at the marvelous sights you witnessed by completing the hike. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s something worth trekking for. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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