Skyline Divide

4 am Saturday morning Hubs & I woke up to drive up to Mt. Baker. It's our favorite place to hike and we have these few weekend days sandwiched in between people visiting us so we wanted to jump on the opportunity to run around the mountain together. We've been wanting to do an early morning hike before the sun beats down on us for awhile & we had a housewarming party to go to that night so it was a great time to get up super early and head out.

There's something so beautiful about hiking up into a mountain that is in the clouds. They swirled around us and what we could and couldn't view was always shifting and showing new openings. The clouds were romantic and moody and the greenery was so intense and pure. Ah we walked slower and talked quieter up there and it was so beautiful. Hung in the clouds that were hugging into the peaks and whispering through the flowers.

We were hoping we could stay until the clouds then burned off but the bugs were so bad we couldn't stop moving :) So we stopped for lattes and took the long drive back home lounging in our peaceful state.

It was perfection in a Saturday morning & we loved it so much
we drove the 3 hours back out the next day :)

meeper!!! We named him Felix (he's a marmot)

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