Mt. Ranier in Macro

We've been to Mt Rainer a few times before so instead of taking my normal lens I brought along my macro (when I say my I mean my dad's that I borrowed and now claim) to the hike with Joshua and his mom. And man o man it was a great day to do it- we saw so many animals. My macro allowed me to actually get some cute close photos of them.
Also how stellar are those clouds whisking their way around the mountain!


These cuties are marmots. This one's name is Zac. They are the ones that make "meep" noises, so hubs and I call them meepers and like to mimic them (it's fun you'd do it too) There were so many out that day and some would only be a few feet from you chomping on flowers.

We also saw quite a few chipmunks and baby chipmunks (melt my heart) and got lucky and saw a deer at the very end.

The flowers were past their peak but we still got to see quite a few. Loved these pink ones!
It was really fun to head back to someplace we've been before but look at it in a new way. Joshua offered to carry the monster lens (heavy) around on more hike because he really liked the way the pictures were turning out. He's quite good with a camera and knowing which settings to use so hope to take the lens out with us again soon.

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